Sex or Pun?

Name: Sai Age: 5 Sex: ‘?’ …… Next day in newspaper – A small girl was raped by her teacher.

17 Jaw-Dropping Hidden Secrets of Hampi Revealed

Vijaynagara Empire’s erstwhile capital is the site of modern-day Hampi; something that you will learn on Wikipedia. The ruins of Hampi are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site – something that we all know. However, the recitals of Ramayana inscribed on the shrine of Hazara Rama Temple are less spoken of.

An idyllic experience in the lap of Kumaon

My encounter with Kumaon happened by chance and I instantly fell in love with this heavenly abode. River Ramganga separates Uttarakhand in two divisions; Kumaon and Garhwal. My destination, Kumaon is to the… Continue reading

Secret Kisses

A thousand angels danced inside me, When you smiled at me. In wilderness we found love, We were the peace-bearing dove.   We crossed the rivers, its water so still, Falling in love… Continue reading

Up Above the World So High

That morning, as he was harnessed, he could hear his heartbeats which were a phenomenon in itself. Since the accident, he never felt anything real – for the first time he heard the… Continue reading

My Story that Featured on Terribly Tiny Tales’ Community issue on #Hope

The Cloud Cuckoo Land

Silently it rose out of my heart and the devil shrugged out of my chest, ‘Emancipation is how it feels’, the audience said. A kaleidoscope of feelings disgorged from the devil’s crest, Leaving… Continue reading

15 Reasons Why Trekkers Are Awesome People

These mountains are majestic. They are so enormous, yet so humble. They are full of mystery, enigmatic charms, wonderful history and spellbinding stories. Nature teaches you a lot of things, but we tend to… Continue reading

Just Two Minutes

The night creeped. The leaves shuddered. Along rose a lonely feeling.  A feeling that crept through the heart of silence and through the veins it crawled through her body. She sat there, her… Continue reading